Baby Robins – SOLD
Barn Owl – acrylic and scratchboard – 5×7″ – $325 framed
“Impish Intention” – Emu – 12″ x 16″ – Scratchboard – $1200 framed
Emus are the second-largest living bird by height, after the ostrich, and are native to Australia. in their own goofy way, Emus seem to be always looking to see what kind of trouble they can make. Yet in all their fuzzy unkemptness, they are fascinatingly beautiful.
“Egret by Moonlight” – SOLD
Baby Swallows – SOLD
Steller’s Jay with Laurel – SOLD
Hummingbirds and “torch cactus” blossoms – 9″x9″ – part of a collaged series “Living Jewels of the Sonoran Desert”. Single available as a print. Inquire by email at laurie@rileylaurie
“Storm Coming” – Sandhill Cranes 5″x7″ – color pencil and acrylic – $125
Parrot – SOLD
Egret – 4×4″ acrylic – $125 framed
Peacock – SOLD