Big Cats of the World

“Innocence of the Very Young” – 30×40″ – Scratchbaord/acrylic – $2500 framed – Clouded Leopards live in the Himalayan foothills, Southeast Asia and China. They are relatively small compared to their African leopard cousins. From a very young age, the cubs play and sleep in high branches. I loved seeing this young one sacked out with his face scrunched against the bark of his tree.
Soft Paws – one of a series – 5×7 scratchboard/acrylic
Soft Paws – one of a series – 5×7″ – scratchboard and acrylic
Watching Me Watching You – Cougar – 9.5×12″ – color pencil – $850 framed

Moonlight on the Marsh – Bobcat – 10.5×9″ – color pencil – $750 framed – inspired by a photo by Neil Jernigan, with permission
“Unlikely Encounter” – Jaguar and Leopard – scratchboard and acrylic  – 19″x36″ – In the wild these two would never meet. Jaguars live in the jungles of Central America, and leopards live in the savannahs of Africa. But people get them confused when they see pictures of them. The most noticeable differences are that jaguars are large and stocky and their spots have inner spots, while leopards are smaller and their spots are empty. I’ve chosen to depict a male jaguar and a female leopard to accentuate their differences.
$1800 framed
“Don’t Mess With Me” – Bobcat – SOLD
Dangerous Landing – SOLD

Margay – SOLD
“Bob-catitude” Bobcat – 5×5″ – scartchboard/acrylic – $325
Cheetah – SOLD
“All That I Survey” – Cougar – SOLD
“The Watcher” Cougar at Mesa Arch- ORIGINAL SOLD – print available
Bobcat – 4×6 – $125
“Mother’s Day” – Cheetahs – SOLD

Soft Paws 3 – color pencil – 20×15″ – $1800 framed

Where the Heart Is – Siberian Tiger Original sold- print available

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