Indian Rhino


 24″x18″ Acrylic

Framed Original $3350

The Indian rhino, with its shorter face and skull, and its deeply folded skin that looks almost like armor, has a distinctly different appearance from the African rhino, which has smoother skin and an enormously long face. I enjoy painting skin textures and the opportunity to show the beauty of these fascinating creatures.

Soft Paws

The feet of a resting tiger



Tigers’ and other cats’ paws are so soft when their claws are in!

I have painted several of these, each different, and will continue doing more  –  they’re popular! And I’m happy to do one of your favorite animal’s feet, especially for you!


Impish Intention – Emu

12″ x 16″


$2300 framed

Emus are the second-largest living bird by height, after the ostrich, and are native to Australia. in their own goofy way, Emus seem to be always looking to see what kind of trouble they can make. Yet in all their fuzzy unkemptness, they are fascinatingly beautiful.