WINNER of the International Guild of Realism  2019 Winter Salon Online Exhibition’s Best in Wildlife and Animals category. See the show through through May 20th at http://www.realismguild.com/2019WinterSalon/Wildlife/index.php

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Size 20″x 16″

Until May 20, this piece is available at the online show at International Guild of Realism  (address above)


Bug’s-Eye View of a Collared Lizard


This is a close-up of the little collared lizard  –  that’s not a mispelling  –  “collared” means it has a collar of dark stripes at its neck. They live in the desert Southwest and Mexico, eating insects and grubs. To a human, these little ones look cute and benign, but to a bug they are monsters!

Reptiles are one of my favorite subjects; they look like little jewels and their scales shine in the sun.